Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000


Guest Editorial

Sneaking in a smarter summer

smarter summerAre your kids looking forward to summer vacation? Great! But don't toss out those books and pencils yet--"summer fun" doesn't have to mean "dumber fun!" Exercising kids' brain muscles all summer brings big benefits in the fall.

Letters to the Editor

To the people of the Snoqualmie Valley...

house fireJust one month ago now, a fire claimed most of our home east of Duvall. Initially, our family of six was stunned and in shock.

Putting good tax money into outmoded transit makes no sense

outmoded transitI wonder about the bullheadedness of those elected and supposed to represent those of us who reluctantly elected or appointed them. I speak of the so-called Light Rail Transit mode of transit.

Writer is trying to protect her home value

Miller's HomesteadSince submitting my last letter to the editor, I have gotten a few answers to my concerns. However, the answers did not come from the City of Duvall Public Works Department, but from Neal Coy, Site Representative, Miller's Homestead.

Go away, geese

geeseTo the geese at Cottage Lake Park, I say, "Go, go, go. Get away from the park."

Letters from Young Readers

What are your children watching?

media violenceMedia violence is especially damaging to young children under the age of 8 because they cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy as well as you and I.

One person can make a difference

make a differenceI have recently volunteered at the Sarvey Wildlife Center and I can say that there has been a significant amount of birds that come in due to what I think is the destruction of their habitat.

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