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July 3, 2000

Home & Garden

Reminder: Now is the time to rotate your water containers

   Many individuals and families took a few precautions before the advent of Y2K to stock up on a few supplies, including drinking water.

   The most important item in our individual, family, and workplace prepardeness kit is a three-day supply of water, which should be, at a minimum, one (1) gallon of water for each person. We can usually go without food for several days; however, we cannot go without drinking water each day.

   Disaster Preparedness kits' water supplies need to be rotated every six months to retain the refreshness and drinkability. Water should be stored in thoroughly washed, clear, plastic containers with a tight-sealing lid. Do not use milk jugs, glass containers, or any kind of container that has held toxic substances.

   By taking some time now to store emergency water, food, and supplies, individuals and families can provide for themselves after a disaster. For more information on putting together a preparedness kit, call your local emergency management office or the King County Office of Emergency Management (206-296-3830). Information is accessible through their website at