Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000


Northshore School District honors retirees

   Forty employees retiring from the Northshore School District this year represent 1,030 years of Northshore experience.

   The retirees, their present assignment, and the number of years they have worked for the Northshore School District are as follows:

   Mike Adams, tech ed/math, Leota Junior High, 29 years; June Anderson, principal, Kenmore Junior High, 22 years; Pat Baer, office manager, Woodin Elementary, 30 years; Judy Chaney, math, Inglemoor High School, 31 years; Ron Church, math, Bothell High School, 29 years; Becky Clausen, executive director of Elementary Education, 21 years; Thom Dramer, executive director of Instructional Services, 4 years; Dave Dwyer, math, Northshore Junior High, 10 years; Lorna Dyer, coordinator of Grants Development, 8 years; Wayne Estes, director of Curriculum, 31 years; Karen Fineide, assistant director of Home School Program, 32 years; Ted Freemantle, English, Bothell High School, 28 years; Paula Glandon, sixth grade, Maywood Hill Elementary, 26 years; Kathleen Gordon, office manager of Communications, 28 years; Brian Herbison, English, Inglemoor High School, 32 years; Grace Hofrichter, social studies, Woodinville High School, 26 years; Joanne Hjort, librarian, Kokanee Elementary, 31 years; Berta Hollis, administrative assistant in personnel, 18 years; Craig Hopkins, assistant principal, Kenmore Junior High School, 24 years; Roger Jewell, business education, Woodinville High School, 31 years; Ken Kirstine, art, Inglemoor High School, 10 years; BJ Korsmo, teacher in PACE Program, Lockwood Elementary, 22 years; Al Lutz, Jr., math, Bothell High School, 30 years; Lwanga Lwanga, math, Canyon Park Junior High, 27 years; Bev Nelson, fourth grade, Kenmore Elementary, 30 years; Linda Ottmar, fifth grade, Moorlands Elementary, 25 years; Pat Pierce, special education, Woodmoor Elementary, 30 years; Marie Preis, sixth grade, Kenmore Elementary, 34 years; Blake Puckett, principal, Woodmoor Elementary, 25 years; Carol Punton, student services/traffic safety specialist, 20 years; Gary Reul, director of instructional programs, 39 years; Gayle Robinson, third grade, Bear Creek Elementary, 26 years; Betty Roggenkamop, secretary, Food Service, 23 years; Dale Schultz, English/language arts, Skyview Junior High, 30 years; John Seremeta, assistant principal, Woodmoor Elementary, 22 years; Cliff Sundin, fifth grade, Fernwood Elementary, 38 years; Marilyn Tangen, language arts/family consumer science, Leota Junior High, 28 years; Bonnie Webb, office manager, Arrowhead Elementary, 20 years; Maribeth Zwick, second grade, Kokanee Elementary, 29 years.

   Also: Leslie Hartman, deceased, assistant principal at Canyon Park Junior High had 31 years in the district.