Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000

Valley Special

Cedarcrest students rock

   The up-and-coming rock group "Roundabout" features four young talented musicians and songwriters from Cedarcrest High School.

   Mike Rapson is the lead guitarist, Devin Bazemore is the bass player, Tim Borquez plays rhythm guitar, and Devin's older brother Brandon Bazemore is the drummer. Mike, Devin, and Tim all share vocal responsibilities.

   All of the band's material is original. Their unique blend of hard and soft rock, along with their acoustical folk sets, produce an exciting mix of music styles worthy of any concertgoer.

   Mike and Devin began writing and playing over a year ago. Their first demo tape caused such a positive reaction from one of the local professional recording studios in Seattle that the studio wanted to help them land a national recording contract.

   Tim adds a lot of songwriting talent and has increased the scope of the band's musical style. The vocal harmonies are an important focus of the band's sound.

   The band has recently played at the Cedarcrest High School's "Battle of the Bands," the "Seven Arts Festival," and the Carnation Fourth of July Celebration.

   Roundabout's next concert will be July 4 in Carnation on the main stage at approximately 6 p.m.