Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000

Valley Special

Volunteers improve Family Center walkway


Duvall Family Center work party volunteers (left to right): Tamra Obenauer, Jeanne Dawkins, Julie Nichols, Kehly McCue, Steven Neugebauer, Lisa Burnham, Margaret Benson, Mark Boyce, Don Lusk, Ross Burnham, and Neal Fuller.
Photo by Maria Fuller.

   On June 10, parent volunteers braved the rain to brighten up and improve the safety of the sidewalk area of Children's Services of Sno-Valley's Duvall Family Center.

   The project was the brainchild of parent Lisa Burnham, who, as she stood in front of the building after an evening meeting, envisioned a more user-friendly walkway. "All it will take is a Saturday work party to pull up the weeds and dig holes and a follow-up session of a few people to build the railing and stairs," she said.

   She quickly recruited her husband, Ross Burnham, a GE employee and mechanical engineer, to design and lead a work crew. Ross had experience leading volunteer work parties for GE when the couple lived in Denver, Colorado.

   After assembling at the center, the volunteer crew diligently worked through the rain to weed, dig post holes, pour concrete, and build the railing and stairs. While workers braved the rain, additional helpers provided childcare in the Indoor Playground. Ross Burnham and Don Lusk returned within days to powerwash and finish the railing and stairs.

   Duvall True Value Hardware donated 18 bags of concrete, Super Rent donated the use of a power post hole digger, the Home Depot donated some lumber for the railing, and Domino's Pizza donated pizza to feed the workers.

   "Volunteers have found a new sense of community spirit ... nothing brings people together more than hard work, dirt, and pizza. It's amazing how much work was accomplished in such a short amount of time," said Maria Fuller, Duvall Family Center Coordinator. "To beautify the area, we are accepting donations of landscaping materials, shrubs, and plants. This is an excellent example of how one person's idea can become reality with the help of the community."

   Duvall Family Center is a program of Children's Services of Sno-Valley and offers a variety of activities for children and families, including an indoor playground, summer day camp, toddler classes, exercise groups, parenting support, and enrichment classes. For further information, call 788-7924.