Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000

Valley Special

Grant will improve Milwaukee Avenue

by Becky Nixon, staff reporter

   CARNATION--The city of Carnation has received a grant for $331,000 from the State Transportation Improvement Board to improve Milwaukee Avenue. The city will match 10 percent, or $31,000 of the grant, which will come from the capital improvements fund.

   With the grant money, the city will be able to add sidewalks for safety and improve access to the trail, but the primary purpose is to improve one of the city's most important arterials.

   "The children walk home along that road and there are some safety issues, with all the overgrown foliage," said City Manager Woody Edvalson. "But mostly the money will go to improvements to the arterial."

   The city has contacted all four residents living along the back of the street by letter and in person. The question of one old apple tree slated for removal was the only drawback. The city must take the tree, but will replace it with several smaller, healthier trees, and will work with the residents on landscaping the berms.