Northwest NEWS

July 10, 2000


Highway would ruin quaint town

   Citizens of Duvall, do you know what your City Council wants to do? They want to put a four-lane highway through downtown Duvall!

   This option is currently in the Comprehensive Plan, which is up for review. The City Council wants to leave that option in the plan. Unless it is removed, the state will not look at any alternatives when the time comes to relieve traffic in this area.

   There are alternatives: a bypass with no truck traffic through town (wouldn't that be great?), or developing 1st Avenue, making Main Street and 1st Avenue one-way.

   If Main Street becomes a four-lane highway, every business on Main Street would close because there would be no parking. It would also ruin forever the character of this quaint town.

   What can you do? Go to any business on Main Street and sign the petition against the four-lane highway. Attend the public hearings. (They are not yet scheduled.) Attend a City Council meeting and speak against it at the public comment time. The next meeting is scheduled for July 13 at 7 p.m. in the Rose Room in the basement of the library.

   If we do not remove the option of a four-lane highway for Main Street from the Comprehensive Plan, it is inevitable.

Barbara Bowen, Woodinville