Northwest NEWS

July 10, 2000


Parade organizers outdid themselves

   I would like to thank everyone who lives along Morrison St. and Stewart Ave. for again accommodating the parade route.

   I truly appreciate letting me set up the parade route in front of your homes, and to the Tolt Congregational Church for allowing us to use your side yard for the parade registration and sign-in, along with the Carnation Library for letting us use your parking lot for the holding area for the Kiddie Parade.

   Thank you to the City of Carnation and the Police Dept. for all your assistance.

   A special thank you to parade announcers: Jack Ballard and Jackie Perrigoue; my parade judges: Dan Pflugrath, Riverview School Board Member, Wesley Larson, native and longtime resident of Carnation, and Louise Miller, [County Council] representative of our district; and to all my volunteers on the parade route and at sign-in. You were all great. Also thank you, Stacey Stoutt, a great friend, for helping stage the parade route; my son Joshuah and his friend, Paul Diediker, for getting up at 6 a.m. to stake the parade route.

   Most of all, I would like to thank the 4th of July Committee: Steve Collins, Steve and Doreen Norton, Kathy Castello, and Sally Kennelly; it was great working with all of you again this year. This was a great 4th of July. I didn't think we could outdo ourselves from last year, but I think we did.

   I hope everyone had a great 4th and a safe one. See you again next year.

Kim Lisk, Chair of the Great Carnation 4th of July Parade