Northwest NEWS

July 10, 2000


Guest Editorial

A smarter summer: less TV

smarter summerWould you allow your child to spend summer vacation watching television every waking moment for two straight months? Of course not. Yet over the course of a year, that is how much time the average child watches TV.

Letters to the Editor

City now has a great entrance

great entranceThe new Woodinville Gateway project looks really terrific. What really brought the project together was the addition of the Woodinville city name on the trestle.

Highway would ruin quaint town

four-lane highwayCitizens of Duvall, do you know what your City Council wants to do? They want to put a four-lane highway through downtown Duvall!

Parade organizers outdid themselves

Carnation paradeI would like to thank everyone who lives along Morrison St. and Stewart Ave. for again accommodating the parade route.

And they call this planning?

geeseI have a family-run business in Duvall. We have performed certified auto repair on Main St. since June 1984. And now, because of Duvall's growth and politics, that livelihood is in jeopardy.

Letters from Young Readers

Skateboarders are not a menace

skateboardersMost people think skateboarders are reckless, dress funny, and have foul mouths. The reality is that not all skaters are bad.

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