Northwest NEWS

July 10, 2000

Front Page

Possible tribal artifacts uncovered near Fall City

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   FALL CITY--Possible evidence of an ancient tribal camp was uncovered recently as ground just outside of town was being prepared for a youth soccer field.

   The Sno-Valley Youth Soccer Association was building the field, using a grant from King County Parks, which owns the property, said Parks Department spokesman Al Dams. The artifacts were found as workers were stripping the surface to get rid of weeds, he said.

   "This is a known archaeological site," said Dams. "In cases such as this, work on the property is usually done with an archaeologist present."

   Dams said he did not know precisely what had been found, but it may indicate the site may have been used as a Native American camp. He said tribal and cultural resource officials will meet with archaeologists and the soccer group this week to determine what to do with the site.

   "A decision will be made after that," he said. "They may decide to continue to unearth the site, or just cover it up if it appears there is nothing new to be found."