Northwest NEWS

July 10, 2000

Valley Special

Teens get words' worth at poetry slam

   DUVALL--Winners of the first of two poetry slams for teens earned more than enthusiastic applause. Poets Darren Carrido, Jennifer Kwok, Carey Faber, and Torin Eastburn claimed prize money totaling $100 based on their poetic skill, stage presence, and original performance at the June 28 slam held at Main Street Music.

   Poets between the ages of 13 and 19 can learn to craft their own words into poetry at the next free workshop in the Rose Room of the Duvall Library on July 19 at 7 p.m. Michael Ricciardi will lead the workshop called "Playing With Chaos: Poetic Games of Chance."

   This workshop focuses on techniques and games using random construction, collaging, and chance-based approaches to creating poetry. Pizza and beverages are provided. Teens can compete for cash prizes at the next poetry slam at Main Street Music on July 22. Fledgling poets and experienced writers alike are welcome at the workshop and the slam.

   The Teen Performance Poetry Project is a collaboration among the Duvall Arts Commission, Friends of Youth, Main Street Music, and Redmond Association of Spokenword, and is supported by a generous grant from the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network.