Northwest NEWS

July 10, 2000

Valley Special

Duvall women's group goes to Europe again

   Four years ago, a group of adventurous women decided to go to Europe. Most of them went to high school before trips to Europe became commonplace and felt it was time to get in on the fun. Now they're planning another trip!

   "We're just a group of women between the ages of 34 and 81 who like to occasionally get together and talk about what's happening in our lives," said Diane Baker, group leader. "Although the group has single, married, separated, and widowed members, we have a common ground in our spirit of adventure and our curious nature."

   The group plans to leave the first week of October and will visit Italy, Austria, Germany, France, and England. While the tour is designed to appeal to women, some of them are taking their husbands along.

   "That's a change from the first tour," said Diane. "But these men are really good sports and say the constant 'girl talk' won't bother them. They're taking ear plugs!"

   There are three mother-daughter combinations, one daughter-father, and two married couples in this group. The rest are singles, or "best friends."

   Diane reports that there is still room for two or three more in this tour group. You qualify for group membership if you are between the ages of 21 and "not dead yet," have a good sense of humor, curiosity about the world, and have the "get up and go" to get up and go.

   Call Diane Baker at 425-788-2004 for details. The next group meeting is planned for the last week of July.