Northwest NEWS

July 17, 2000


Teen Northshore receives $1,000 donation

check presented

Sue Paro (right), director of Teen Northshore, accepts check from Justin Shaffer, store manager of Home Depot, last Monday.

   Sue Paro, director of Teen Northshore, accepted a $1,000 donation for the organization from Justin Shaffer, store manager of Home Depot, last Monday, July 10.

   The award came from proceeds from the Davis Amusement Cascadia Carnival held on June 8 next to Home Depot, and a matching grant from Home Depot. "Davis Amusement Cascadia Carnival was very happy to work with Home Depot to promote an activity that benefited Teen Northshore and the community," said Jim Dreves, carnival coordinator.

   "We appreciate the community support shown for Teen Northshore," said Paro. Teen Northshore provides programming, advocacy, and a Teen Work program for teens in Woodinville, Bothell, and Kenmore.

   Shaffer, who was on the first day of his new job as manager of the Bothell Home Depot, told of his work experience and interest in young people and their success. "As an 18-year-old in college, I first came to work for Home Depot as a lot associate. A solid work ethic and commitment, along with common-sense decisions, helped me be successful in my job," said Shaffer, who is 30 years old and who, in the past ten years, rose from his lot position to manager.

   "I like working with people and have had incredible opportunities with Home Depot. We recently opened our 1,000th store and are excited that this is a $1,000 donation," Shaffer added.

   "We are now looking forward to finding a suitable location for next year's carnival," said Dreves. "Anyone who knows of a location can call me at 360-568-4084."