Northwest NEWS

July 17, 2000


Waiting for another GMA Board ruling

   For several years, opponents of Quadrant's Redmond Ridge have been charging King County with cheating in their traffic analysis and violating the Growth Management Act (GMA) by putting an urban island within the rural areas.

   Today, Redmond Ridge construction is moving at a staggering pace, but what do we now know of the charges that should have stopped Redmond Ridge years ago?

   A 1999 traffic study--done by King County DOT--admits now that Novelty Hill Road will be overwhelmed by Redmond Ridge and must be widened to five lanes. Will Quadrant pay as much as $200 million to create the capacity their project needs? No. King County taxpayers will pay that bill or live with the gridlock.

   As for the GMA challenges made against Redmond Ridge, opponents were proven correct last month when the state GMA Board ruled that King County's decade-old UPD policy is still illegal. Now opponents are waiting for the Board to rule on a motion challenging its flawed logic for supporting an FCC policy that King County invented in 1996--reversing its policy on FCCs--to save Redmond Ridge.

   The flaws in the Board's justification were easy to identify and shoot down, but can the facts and the truth prevail now in a system totally corrupted by developer money and influence?

Michael Costello, Redmond