Northwest NEWS

July 17, 2000


Thanks to those who helped with 4th event

   This year, the business community and citizens outdid themselves in supporting Carnation's 4th of July event. To all of our sponsors, I say thank you. To everyone who bought a raffle ticket or T-shirt, thank you.

   A special thanks to Herman Portwood, Ruth Ann May, Florence Portwood Waterhouse, and Dorothy Burnside for taking the risk and allowing us to site the carnival on their property. We had the most successful carnival that we have had in many years. Having it right in town helped to keep the whole event more centralized, so folks could enjoy a variety of activities without leaving town.

   Also, a big thank you to the Remlingers for all their donations and help, and for their willingness to let us use their property if we needed it. You looked great as Grand Marshals. To Ray Walker for his willingness to allow us to use his property if we needed it, thank you.

   Being a part of the committee to put this event together has made me thankful that I live in a community that is so generous in its ability to give, whether it was money or space or time; just about everyone we asked stepped up to the plate, and many came to us and asked what they could do.

   I would like to thank Charlie Drake and the Cedarcrest Graphic Arts Dept. for taking on our T-shirts at the last minute. We know you had to work really hard to get them done before the school year ended, they turned out great and we really appreciate your hard work.

   Thank you to all the people that helped us with the Hot Rods and Harleys. With your help, it was a great event.

   Last, but not least, for supporting all of the committee volunteers, a special thanks to family members Joaquin Castillo, Dan Jacklin, Penny Zeller, Stu Lisk, and Jacob Norton.

Steve Norton, Doreen Chielens-Norton, Carnation