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July 17, 2000

Local News

Police pet peeves: loud radios, unsafe passing, cars for sale

   The City of Woodinville Police Department is offering some excellent advice for summer: turn down your radios, don't pass on the right, and sell you car at your own home.

   If the people around or alongside your vehicle think it is Thor thundering, but it is your car stereo, be warned the fine is $250 for music/noise that can be heard 50 feet from the source. That applies to residences, too.

   The summer weather brings out bike riders and pedestrians. If you pass on the right shoulder, you run the risk of severely injuring them and yourself. Be patient.

   Finally, please don't sell your vehicle in any public right-of-way. The fine is $66, and the vehicle can be towed at the owner's expense by a private property owner.