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July 17, 2000

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Cedarcrest weightlifter qualifies for Junior Olympics

Colin Guthrie

Colin Guthrie in action.
Photo by John Guthrie.

by Mike Miyoshi, special to the Valley View

   DUVALL--Weightlifting. For many athletes, it is a means to improve their performance in other sports. For Colin Guthrie, it is that means, and it is also a competitive sport in which he excels.

   Three years ago, Colin was introduced to Olympic lifting as a way to get stronger for football. He learned the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, the two Olympic lifts, as a means to get more powerful.

   This year, Colin also competed in two weightlifting competitions in which he earned first place and third place in his weight class.

   At the Pacific Northwest Open held at Ballard High School in January, Colin placed first in the men's 85-kg weight class with a Snatch of 67.5 kg (148.5 pounds) and Clean and Jerk of 95 kg (209 pounds). Colin and his teammate, Darren Carrido, who finished second in the 77-kg weight class with lifts of 75 kg (165 pounds) and 85 kg (187 pounds) in the respective lifts, got the third place team trophy at the tournament.

   At the Washington State High School Weightlifting Championship held at Auburn High School on June 3, Colin placed third in the 85-kg weight class with lifts of 75 kg (165 pounds) and 100 kg (220 pounds). This total of 175 kg qualified him for the Junior Olympics to be held in Orlando, Florida this August.

   Colin started weightlifting to be more effective in his role on the Cedarcrest varsity football team. His hard work and dedication to lifting has helped him as an athlete and a competitor. Even though Colin started weightlifting merely as a means to an end, he has found a sport in which he can compete at a high level.

   Colin is the son of John and Diane Guthrie of Duvall. He will be a senior at Cedarcrest High School this fall and is preparing for his last year of high school football.