Northwest NEWS

July 24, 2000


A plea to parents of teen drivers

   On Tuesday night (July 18th), we were travelling down Avondale Road at about 10:15 p.m. There were a couple of cars coming in the other direction. All of a sudden, we saw sparks and heard what sounded and felt like an explosion as our windshield shattered before our eyes. We thought we had been shot at.

   Once we pulled over and realized we were not seriously injured (a couple of small cuts), it became apparent that objects (probably beer bottles) had been thrown at us from a passing vehicle. A quick glance in my rearview mirror confirmed this as we saw the vehicle speed down the road and turn down 132nd. Giving chase would have been futile and dangerous.

   It was not until we got home and assessed the damages to report to the police, that we saw how bad things really were. Our windshield was completely shattered and our headlight was not only shattered, but the headlight casing was shoved back to our battery from the impact.

   But I am grateful for a lot of things. I am grateful we were not seriously injured. I am grateful it did not cause a major multi-vehicle accident. I am grateful it was not hot and muggy enough to warrant having my driver side window down, because if I had been hit in the head with a bottle that had enough impact to shatter our windshield, I would be dead.

   Parents, if you have teen drivers, or kids that are passengers of teen drivers, please read this to them.

   For the kids who were resonsible for this incident, I would hope that you would have some sense of right from wrong, some sort of morals enough to right your wrong. You see, we don't have an insurance policy to cover the damage. We have to pay for this out of our own pocket, and we are not wealthy people.

   Do you really believe this is the price we are supposed to pay for driving down the road on a warm summer evening?

Diane Collins, via e-mail