Northwest NEWS

July 24, 2000


Intiman's 'Smell of the Kill' is pitch-black comedy with a twist

by Deborah Stone

   Intiman Theatre continues its 2000 season with Michele Lowe's The Smell of the Kill, directed by Jeff Steitzer.

   This dark comedy takes an irreverent look at the battle of the sexes as three seemingly happily married suburban wives, Nicky (Pamela Nyberg), Molly (Kristin Flanders), and Debra (Cynthia Lauren Tewes), discover that their husbands have been accidentally trapped in a meat locker. The women are faced with a delicious dilemma: do they or do they not let their mates out?

   Through the show, feelings of anger and frustration are expressed by each of the wives, directed towards their insufferable loutish husbands, whose voices can initially be heard from another room (David Silverman, Mark Anders, and Gavin D. Dredid supply the voices).

   Rotten marital conditions are described and secrets are revealed. Nicky, the only career woman of the three women, bitterly complains about her larcenous husband, while haughty Debra tries to defend her obnoxious, philandering spouse. Molly, the childlike one, shocks the others with her confession of an extra-marital affair, which she claims is a result of her under-sexed hubby.

   A sense of desperation and rage grows along with the prospect of revenge, which becomes more intriguing to the women with the passage of time. The Smell of the Kill is full of clever one-liners and humorous wisecracks, along with some wistful pondering about motherhood and self-fulfillment.

   Deep truths are uncovered and shared in the intimate environment of Nicky's kitchen (a beautifully designed set by Edie Whitsett) as the horrific possibilities of the men's fate become increasingly real. Playwright Lowe allows the audience to experience these possibilities in this darkly satirical comedy on family values and relationships.

   The Smell of the Kill runs through August 5. For ticket information, call 206-269-1900.