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July 24, 2000

Local News

Residents receive first 'Bothell Beautiful' awards

   BOTHELL--"Bothell Beautiful" awards were recently awarded to three Bothell residents who take exceptional pride in their properties.

   In the commercial category, Bothell Funeral Home and Bob VandenAkker with Bothell Parks & Recreation were the co-winners for their enhancement of downtown and their efforts in keeping the area well maintained.

   Jane Cease was the residential "Bothell Beautiful" award winner. Cease's collection of Bonsai trees, and the river effect she created with river rocks and shrubs, exemplifies the hard work she put in her artistic garden.

   Winners were judged on originality, use of color, and variety of plant. After nominations were received, staff visited and videotaped the landscapes and determined the winners in both categories. Winners received plaques and nominees received certificates at a recent Bothell City Council Meeting.

   The "Bothell Beautiful" awards were the suggestion of local businessman Del Farley.