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July 24, 2000

Local News

Bothell changes Westhill intersection from two-way stop to all-way stop

   As part of a combined City of Bothell and Westhill community effort, the intersection of NE 180th Street and 88th Avenue NE will become an all-way stop starting in late July. The intersection is currently a two-way stop.

   "It's exciting to install traffic calming measures that improve vehicle and pedestrian safety, but equally important, we need to spread the word about this street revision," said Captain Steve Phelan, Bothell Police Department. "Drivers are accustomed to stopping only on the north and south sides, so we hope that everyone pays close attention to this new all-way stop."

   The City Council formally annexed the intersection's full right-of-way at its July 17th meeting, whereas historically it has been split between Bothell and unincorporated King County. This particular intersection supports more than 3,500 cars per day.

   The police department and the Department of Public Works teamed up with the Westhill Traffic Calming Committee, an active community volunteer group, to create solutions for cut-through traffic, speeding, and overall safety on its local streets.

   This revision to an all-way stop at NE 180th Street and 88th Avenue NE also includes newly painted crosswalks and stop bars for increased driver awareness and public safety. For more information, call the Police Department at (425) 486-1254.