Northwest NEWS

July 24, 2000

Front Page

Bothell and Koganei, Japan share a common link: they're sisters

   The City of Bothell welcomed twelve eighth-grade students and three adult chaperones from Koganei, Japan, on Monday, July 24, at City Hall. The visit is part of a nine-year-old program between the two cities.

   Bothell and Koganei have established a very successful cultural exchange program over the years in promoting international understanding and goodwill between citizens, and the development of mutual respect and friendship from a young age.

   "The City of Bothell is thrilled and honored to support this program each year," said City Manager Jim Thompson. "It is an important part of our community, and we hope our Koganei students take back some of our City's magic and share it with their friends and families back home."

   Since the exchange program's inception in 1992, the City of Bothell has hosted more than 100 students and sponsors. Working with staff and students at Cedar Park Christian School, the City coordinates with Cedar Park to find host families for Koganei students during their one-week stay. In the past, Bothell City Council Members, City staff, and Cedar Park Christian School administrators and students also had the opportunity to visit Koganei City.

   At a special City Hall reception, the City of Bothell formally welcomed the group from Koganei by providing gifts and special city tours of the fire station headquarters and an elementary school. The students and chaperones also met their host families and began their Bothell adventure.

   "We're very fortunate to have this program in our City," said Thompson. "We will do everything we can to continue its growth and friendships with the citizens of Koganei."

   For information about the program, call (425) 486-3256.