Northwest NEWS

July 31, 2000


City of Bothell receives top grade on 1999 audit

Each year, the Washington State Auditor's Office examines various areas of the City's financial activity representing the highest risk of findings. In addition to receiving a "clean bill of health" for 1999, the City also successfully remedied two findings of noncompliance from the 1998 audit.
   "We are increasingly proud of the improvements we have made between 1998 and 1999's audit," said City Manager Jim Thompson. "It is a direct and successful outcome of our staff addressing the concerns, identifying solutions and executing them ... beyond expectations."
   In 1998, one audit finding concerned the Municipal Court's method of making necessary adjustments to accounts receivable balances, and the other concerned the City Council's not following its protocol. The State Auditor cleared both those findings, noting the City had developed and implemented controls to adequately address those concerns.
   "Resolving these findings was a top priority when I came to the City in December of 1999," said City Finance Director Ilene Frisch. "By working together with City departments, we were able to not only improve on last year's findings, but maintain a higher quality of financial services in all areas to achieve a zero-finding status on this year's audit."