Northwest NEWS

July 31, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Round-about a sensible solution to traffic problems

Round-about a sensible solution to traffic problemsThis letter is to recognize an excellent concept. The City of Woodinville Traffic Department has proposed a "new idea" for traffic flow.

Get your tickets to "Mame" now

Get your tickets to Did you know "Mam" is coming to town? Not Mame the person but MAME the musical

Pockets will be picked again next year

Pockets will be picked again next yearWell, they did it again. The bureaucrats have decided to pick our pockets again next year. Last year Washington State property taxes increased over ten percent and next year the increase will be even higher.

Amendment process favors the big guys

Big GuysAs usual in King County, the current comprehensive plan amendment process is favoring the big guys. Ron Sims' executive staff, particularly, wants to tie up and down zone the little guy while loop holing the big guy.

Clean, plentiful water is crucial to Washington

Gov. LockeSummer is the time we appreciate Washington's water resources more than ever whether we are swimming, fishing, rafting or boating.

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