Northwest NEWS

July 31, 2000


Police Beat

July 21: A Woodinville business was alerted by a customer that a male caught the previous day for shoplifting at another store was again helping himself to merchandise. The man transferred items from his cart to a shopping bag with another business logo on it. He then put groceries in the cart, but couldn't find his wallet at check out. When the man left the store, the manager asked for the merchandise back and followed the suspect until police arrived shortly thereafter.
   July 22: Police are looking for a white pick-up and a driver who used explosives to blow up a mailbox in an apparent act of vandalism.
   July 23: A Woodinville business reported three youths on bikes used a brick to break out a window. The alarm went off, scaring off the suspects. No merchandise was reported stolen.
   July 23: Two male suspects, using a screwdriver, tried to steal a jeep in the 171st St. area of Woodinville. The owner yelled and they ran away, leaving the screwdriver with prints.
   July 25: A Woodinville business on the Woodinville-Redmond Rd. reported someone broke a halogen light and a window and tried to break open a dead bolt and door handle in a burglary attempt.
   July 25: Someone cut off the lower limbs of a Woodinville woman's 6-foot pine tree two nights in a row.
   July 26: A home in the 174th St. area of Woodinville was egged and an obscenity was painted on the garage door and a vehicle parked in the driveway.
   July 27: A Woodinville woman reported that over the last two years she has received phone calls from a female caller accusing the woman of having an affair with her husband. The victim does not know anyone by the name the caller says is her husband's name.