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July 31, 2000

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City of Bothell revises, updates its sign code

q The City of Bothell recently updated its sign code under Bothell Municipal Code Title 12 Zoning, Chapter 12.22 affecting all local businesses and residents who install signage for business purposes.
   The purpose for the changes is to establish sign regulations to promote the effective identification of businesses while maintaining an attractive and inviting cityscape.
   These revisions are quite different from the previous code in almost every aspect.
   Gone are special sign regulations for the downtown area, freestanding signs are now limited to six feet in height and businesses are now legally permitted to have an A-frame sign.
   At the same time, business owners will now have more flexibility regarding the type, number and location of signs they put on their businesses.
   These are just some of the changes in the new regulations.
   "It's important for Bothell's local businesses and residents to become familiar with and understand the sign code changes," said Gary Hasseler, City of Bothell Community Planning Manager. "The changes made to the sign code, coupled with recently adopted design regulations for development, will greatly impact how the City looks in the future."
   The amendments only apply to signs created after June 5, 2000, the effective date of the new signs code's adoption; signs installed prior to that date stand as-is, however, any future revisions must reflect the current code changes.
   To review the full sign code document, please log on the City's Official Web site at and click on Bothell Municipal Code, Title 12, and Chapter 12.22.
   For hard copies of the same document, please call the Department of Community Development at (425) 486-8152.