Northwest NEWS

August 7, 2000


Collection Amnesty Program announced

King County District Court has announced a short-term program aimed at collecting traffic fines from people whose debts have been turned over to collection agencies.
   The "Collection Amnesty Program" began Aug. 1, and will allow defendants with traffic or criminal fines in collection to come into their nearest King County District Court and pay those fines without having to pay the collection fees. The Collection Amnesty Program will continue through Sept. 1.
   Many of those with unpaid fines have had their licenses suspended by the Department of Licensing.
   After traffic infractions are paid, the court will notify the Department of Licensing to remove the hold those unpaid tickets have had upon the person's privilege to drive. Many drivers at this time will be able to have their licenses reinstated.
   Through the "Collection Amnesty Program" the District Court hopes to reduce significantly the number of suspended drivers and reduce the costs to the community and to the criminal justice system.
   For the nearest King County District Court location, call (206) 296-3594.