Northwest NEWS

August 7, 2000


Jeepers, Peepers is a keeper


Photo courtesy of Pat Berry

Pat Berry and Peepers have become good friends.
   by Becky Nixon
   Sometimes it's the little things that pull at our heartstrings. Peepers was that "little thing" to Timeless Treasurers owner Pat Berry.
   When a fellow shopkeeper from Bothell Country Village brought the one-week-old abandoned chick to her, Pat's heartstrings began playing the mother song.
   Feeding the chick a mash of warm water-soaked chicken feed, Berry watched Peepers begin to thrive.
   Peepers sleeps in a hamster cage along with the Teletubby Tinky Winky for company. Now a month old, and the darling of her mother, Peepers enjoys yogurt, ground corn, ice cream and the run of the planter boxes out in front of the store.
   Kind of sounds like a bad version of an old song: "jeepers, creepers, where'd you get that PeepersŠ"