Northwest NEWS

August 7, 2000


New committee links citizens with police

The citizens of Carnation now have a closer connection to their police department. A Citizens Police Advisory Committee was created and has been recognized by Ordinance No. 585.
   This committee is made up of citizens living or working in the city of Carnation, including a member of high school age. The committee meets the third Wednesday of the month at Carnation City Hall at 6 p.m.
   Current members of the committee are Chairman Chuck Krieble, Dave Hunter, Dave Kosorok, William "Bill" Paulson, Barbara MacKenzie and Tyson Soptich. Other regular attendants are Police Chief Bonnie Soule and City Manager Woody Edvalson.
   The purpose of this committee is to create a link between the citizens of Carnation and their police department.
   The creation of this board is a desirable step in ensuring quality citizen input and information exchange concerning police services within the city.
   The committee would encourage citizen input and interest. There is still one unfilled position on the board. If you are an interested business owner in the city, call 425-333-4190 for more information. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be September 20.
   To assist the citizens of Carnation in creating their link to the police department, the Citizens Police Advisory Committee has created on online survey.
   This survey will allow the community to give input on service satisfaction, which will help direct their police department. This survey can be found on the city's web site at
   Committee members and the police department urge residents to take advantage of this survey so that they can provide the highest quality service possible.