Northwest NEWS

August 7, 2000


Homeschooling group fills youngsters' social needs

A group of homeschooling families in the Valley has organized to coordinate social events for their homeschooled children.
   According to spokesperson Amanda Schneider, the group also offers holiday celebrations, such as Valentine's Day and Halloween, and hands-on science experiments­events not available for those not attending regular schools.
   "Our goal is to enhance the social aspects for the youngsters," Schneider said. "There are educational programs out there, but nothing socially. We want to replace the social interaction that is missing."
   The "inclusive" or non-religious group, called PALS (Partners in Activities and Learning), currently involves about 15 families (about 40 children).
   "We would like to have more members," said Schneider. "Everyone is welcome."
   Anyone interested should call Schneider at 844-9686 or email gouldunderscorenw@