Northwest NEWS

August 14, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Dear teenager: The answer to your question is yes
   And if you look at the national averages, you'll find that the 16-25 age group incurs a high percentage of accidents. It's not because they are stupid, it's because of lack of experience. I've observed many in this age group and I see that most are paying too much attention to other things or trying to impress others.
   Some are busy talking on the cell, reading, combing their hair, applying make-up, checking out the girls, checking out the guys, or having a discussion with others.
   And more often than not, they are driving way too fast. The term "No Fear" comes to mind.
   So if you think your being blamed for some one else, take a good look at the group as a whole.
   Todd Bailey, Woodinville