Northwest NEWS

August 14, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Duvall is full of people who care
   I'd like to take a moment to thank those people who brighten others' lives. As an employee of the Family Grocer in Duvall, I encounter hundreds of people going about their daily errands.
   Occasionally, I run into those who are having a not so wonderful day.
   Last Thursday, this occured. After having to deal with two irate customers, I was starting to lose the smile I had carried all day. I decided to just ignore the misplaced anger of these individuals; I must have just been the first person they saw after a bad day. But still, I had trouble shaking my anger.
   I decided to spend the rest of the evening looking for the good in people to cheer myself up.
   That was the easiest thing I've done in weeks. The customers that came in that night, like every night, were many of the happy people I've come to know after working at the store for three years.
   These are people who care about each other; they run into friends and really ask how they are doing, instead of just nodding hello.
   After that evening I was again struck by why I love Duvall because it is full of people who value the same things I do. People who appreciate helpful neighbors, love a good joke, and care about the beautiful valley we live in.
   I wanted to thank all of the wonderful people who shop at our store and live in our town; because of them, it is easy to ignore the one or two who forget to smile.
   Julie Beard, Duvall