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August 14, 2000

Local News

Bothell police use 'less lethal' force on knife-wielding woman

BOTHELL-- On Sunday, July 30, a 43-year-old Bothell woman armed with a butcher knife was taken into custody by police after being struck with a single bean bag round fired by an officer.
   The woman was treated at the scene by Bothell Fire & EMS for a bruise she received from the "less lethal" munition.
   She was later transported by ambulance to Harborview Medical Center for an involuntary mental evaluation after it was determined that she was a danger to herself. as well as to others.
   Bothell police reported they responded to an apartment community in the 1600 block of 228th St. SE after receiving several complaints about a distraught woman armed with a knife walking around yelling, "Help me."
   Responding officers located the woman outside a nearby apartment building.
   The woman failed to respond to officers' pleas to disarm and at one point ran into an exterior stairwell.
   The woman was holding the knife in a threatening manner as the officers attempted to negotiate with her. She told officers that they would have to shoot her.
   A single bean bag round was fired at the woman, but it did not initially disarm her. She dropped the knife and surrendered to officers after being told she would be struck by a second round.
   This is the second incident where Bothell police utilized less lethal munitions to subdue an armed subject.
   The first incident occured May 29 when officers disarmed a pitchfork wielding man in the front yard of a Bothell home.
   The man was knocked down with a bean bag round causing him to drop the pitchfork.
   The man was later charged with First Degree Assault.