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August 14, 2000

Local News

Water District looking for a home to retrofit

Woodinville Water District, as part of the region's One Percent Conservation Program, is searching for one home within its service area to participate in a water conservation retrofit program.
   The qualifying home will receive new 1.6 gallon per flush toilets, low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, along with a rebate up to $500 towards a new high efficiency clothes washer (must be a qualifying model under the Washwise program). A licensed plumber will be contracted to install the new fixtures and appliances.
   In addition, the homeowner will receive a landscape assessment and tips to help achieve a healthy, water efficient landscape.
   * The home must be a single-family residence in the Woodinville Water District service area.
   * The participant must own the home and must live there year-round.
   * The homeowner must not have made plumbing upgrades or have had a toilet or clothes washer replaced in the last eight years.
   * The participant may not be an employee or relative of an employee of Woodinville Water District.
   * The participant must be available during a weekday for installation of new fixtures/appliances.
   * The participant must be willing to complete two surveys in the future and allow water consumption data from the residence to be used anonymously in program evaluation.
   Interested parties should contact Deborah Rannfeldt, Public Information Coordinator for Woodinville Water District at (425) 483-9104, ext. 302 by 4:30 p.m. August 25, 2000. One qualifying home will be selected by lottery.