Northwest NEWS

August 21, 2000


Now's your chance to hear and be heard; take part in the Upper Bear Creek Community Council (UBCCC)

   Isn't the Woodinville area a great place to live? Living near the city of Woodinville, we enjoy a rural atmosphere, quality shopping, and our own local newspaper.

   Two years ago, the Upper Bear Creek Community Council was established to help maintain the integrity of our community by serving as a link between our unincorporated area and the King County Council. With residents' participation, UBCC studies the concerns of residents in this portion of Unincorporated King County, taking issues to the appropriate County office for clarification and assistance.

   In the past year, we have addressed traffic, public transportation, the pollution of Cottage Lake, salmon recovery, solid waste management, equestrian trails, site alterations, and the 2000 Comp Plan with the help of speakers from King County and local activists.

   Avondale Road will be "improved" in the near future; plans are being made to widen Woodinville-Duvall Road; Phase III of Cottage Lake Park is being planned; and the Comp Plan 2000 is being reviewed by the King County Council right now. Hearings are being held where residents can speak out and take part in decisions made for them at county level.

   You can have a voice and give input to the decision-making process, which is the most effective way to do that is to be involved. That means taking part in the process, attending UBCC meetings that are held monthly, on the second Tuesday at Norm's House on Cottage Lake, and the fourth Tuesday at Woodinville Water District Offices. Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. These meetings are full of information, touching all kinds of issues that will affect our quality of life here for years to come.

   Unincorporated Area Councils like UBCC are charged with informing, assisting, and representing their communities in dealing with King County government and other entities with respect to issues that affect their community.

   The Upper Bear Creek Community Council will hold elections this October. We are actively recruiting persons interested in what's going on in this community to serve on the council.

   Lots of things are happening or are in the planning stages for our community. Please join us and help the council to hear and be heard on issues that you care about.

Nancy Stafford, Woodinville