Northwest NEWS

August 21, 2000


Teens need to assume responsibility, but should be treated with respect

   This is in response to Glen Trowbridge's letter printed in the Aug. 7th edition of the Weekly, titled Is "This the Price for Being Young???"

   I wanted to applaud Glen Trowbridge for his response to the letter originally titled "This is a plea to parents of teen drivers." I read the article, anticipating the evidence that a teen was, in fact, responsible for throwing a bottle at a moving vehicle's windshield. Upon completing the letter and not finding that evidence, I found myself feeling very frustrated for teens in general.

   At that point, I contemplated writing a response, but decided that my life as a parent of three teens (and one coming up) was too busy to take the time to defend such accusations. But now I find myself feeling the need to apologize to the teens of the community for not writing in sooner.

   As a mother of one teen driver and three up-and-coming teen drivers, I realize their lack of experience puts them in a precarious position. We all have seen the statistics of teens involved in accidents. And the reality of the risk hits home real hard when it comes to paying those insurance premiums. But I thought we lived in a country where a person was considered innocent until proven guilty.

   In this case, a whole group of people was found guilty with little or no evidence simply because of their age--at least none was given in the letter that was printed.

   It's a sad thing to have to say about society, but personally I have witnessed random acts of stupidity originating from people way beyond their teen years!

   Let's encourage our teens to take on the responsibilities that come with increased freedom. But let's also treat them with the respect that we adults would demand from one another.

   Thanks again, Glen, and keep up the good work of advocating for your peer group!

Karen Kringle, Bothell