Northwest NEWS

August 21, 2000


It's safer to drive to Cottage Lake Park or to Sammamish Trail than to walk

   Kudos for running Dayna Stern's special to the Weekly, dated 7 Aug. 2000.

   Glued to the couch, as it were, my heart rallied in cheers as I read her captivating tale of strength and courage. When I reached the part about Almond Roca, I praised God (the B&H mints are a bit much for me, personally).

   Miss Dayna is very brave to venture around her block. I'm afraid to walk along the road, due to the two-legged creatures, let alone to walk alongside of speeding tons of steel, rubber, and broken promises. Insult to injury?

   Stern's tale worries me about growth and planning for sidewalks and street lights outside of the Woodinville city limits. The daylight hours are getting shorter. I worry about people walking or biking along the road, pizza delivery people trying to find house numbers, etc.

   The road running from the wineries to the slough should have street lights. Will there be enough street lights around here come fall? Or will people have to be killed or hurt first?

   All property owners should be aware of pending liabilities. I'm a renter (nothing to lose?) and I really like to walk. However, I wouldn't walk my dog along the roads out here, let alone walk a kid or other loved one.

   It's safer to drive to the Sammamish Slough Trail or to Cottage Lake Park then get out and walk. Too bad one has to burn fossil fuels just to get some exercise or "fresh air."

A. Esmiol, via e-mail