Northwest NEWS

August 21, 2000

Valley Special

Cougar still on the loose near Duvall

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   A cougar that state Fish and Wildlife Department agents think is responsible for the deaths of several sheep and goats was spotted by a resident last Friday near the pipeline area of Big Rock Road.

   About four weeks ago, a Lake Margaret resident reported to officials that her goat had been killed and the carcass buried. The remains were dragged away the following night, she said.

   Then last week, a woman saw a cougar just before discovering several dead sheep on her farm south of Duvall. The next day, near Kaspar Heights, more sheep and a goat appeared to be victims of the same cougar.

   Wildlife officials had set a baited trap, but the cougar apparently moved away from the immediate area, according to Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Virginia Painter.