Northwest NEWS

August 28, 2000


Police Beat

August 15: A male and female were arrested at a Woodinville apartment for obstructing an officer. After giving false information to the other driver when involved in an accident, the male left. When police tracked the driver to an apartment, a female said the male suspect was not there. When the police officer pointed out the male's vehicle was in the parking lot, the female still said the male was not at home. Finally when police asked to look around, the female agreed, and police found the male hidden in a closet.
   August 18: A local business was burglarized by suspects who gained entrance through a roof vent. Things were strewn about, the safe was broken open and the cash register was on the floor.
   August 19: A fourth degree assault charge was filed against a son accused of hitting his father after an argument. The incident developed when the son took the father's collectable coins without permission.
   August 23-The City of Redmond Police Department reported one of the suspects in the burglary of Schlotski's Deli in Redmond was a Woodinville resident.