Northwest NEWS

August 28, 2000


Don't be so quick to jump on the defensive

Wow! If only I had known in advance what an uproar our misfortune was going to cause, I certainly would have given each and every small and large detail of the entire incident. I feel like a victim all over again!
   Yes, I do in fact know they were kids, I saw them and heard them as they roared past with their music blaring ( not to say only teens play their music loud). I was not blaming teens in general, only the ones responsible, actually, hoping they would read my letter and try to think for a moment how they would feel if it were their parents or cherished ones. Since teens are new and less experienced at driving, I was only trying to make something positive out of a bad situation, by passing on some helpful information.
   When we hear on the news about some murder, we get some information. Let's just say it's a woman,42 years of age with green hair. Do we assume then that all 42 year-old-women with green hair are murderers? Of course not!
   I was not implying that all young drivers are irresponsible.
   What is wrong with educating new drivers to a danger on the road they may not have learned in Drivers Ed.?
   Let's not be so quick to jump on the defensive and cry discrimination. Why not just learn something you may not have already known?
   Diane Collins, via e-mail