Northwest NEWS

August 28, 2000


Slow down and move left for safety

I'm writing in response to the recent letter regarding riding bikes in the Snoqualmie Valley. I am an advocate for sharing the roads with cyclists, runners, equestrians, and walkers.
   With the immense growth in the area, property owners are fencing many access trails that prevent riders access to established trails on the power lines and pipelines thereby forcing longer rides on the roads.
   I know that cyclists ride on the roads because that is the only way they can accomplish their goals of riding fast and riding long.
   The Burke Gilman trail is simply too busy with families, skaters, pet owners, and joggers to allow cyclists to really train.
   I would like to advocate a simple solution to all drivers that could make the roads virtually 100 percent safe 100 percent of the time. When you encounter pedestrians on the road simply slow down and move left. If there is a car in the oncoming lane simply slow down for 2-3 seconds allowing the car to pass and then move left.
   And sometimes you must slow down, wait until you clear the corner to have ample sight distance and then move left. On a few occasions I have had to adjust my drive for about 15 seconds until I had ample distance to move left for safety.
   It is especially important to slow down and move left when you encounter a horse and rider on the road. I ride my horse on the road because I have to get to the trails. He is extremely safe. Would he jump sideways if a dog charged out of a yard or a deer leapt out of the woods?
   Yes! If drivers would simply slow down and move left, the safety margin would exist to make it safe on the roads for everyone virtually 100 percent of the time.
   When it comes to pedestrians, horses, cyclists, runners and cars I know that an ounce of prevention will be worth a ton of cure. Please take a deep breath, share the roads, and SLOW DOWN AND MOVE LEFT FOR SAFETY.
   You're worth it!
   Kerri Hunt, Duvall