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August 28, 2000

Local News

Hillside washout has limited effect on local water systems

* What has been previously described as a sinkhole, is actually a hillside washout with little effect on the water systems of Woodinville, Northshore, Bothell and Kenmore.
   The washout is located on Seattle Public Utilities shared access property above Wayne Golf Course in Bothell and about 65 feet from where work on the Tolt Pipeline was in progress. The slide occurred Monday, Aug. 22. A section of the line that feeds water to North Seattle, Bothell, Woodinville, and North Shore was shut down as a precautionary measure.
   On Tuesday, Aug. 23, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) stated, "[We are] rerouting water through [our] extensive network of pipelines. Service has not been affected. Engineers need to stabilize the hillside before the pipeline can be reopened."
   "The shut-off of the Tolt Pipeline was after Woodinville's Water 's connection," said Woodinville Water District's Bill Bandera. "We have no problem."
   "The City of Bothell has a 150,000 gallon water tank that is full. Northshore Water District has let us tap into their line," said Ron Zsigmondovics of the Bothell Water Department. "The local water departments have great support systems."
   Explanation of the slide runs to the hypothesis that an underground aqua field collapsed the ground.
   Though uncommon in the summer months of limited rainfall, water continues to pour out of the hillside and is being contained in a series of man-made pools and pumped out by trucks at the bottom of the hill. There is no evidence of a broken pipe or evidence of any long term ramifications.
   Water and mud are still a problem on Wayne Golf Course. SPU continues clean- up efforts on the property.
   Steve Richards, manager of Wayne Golf Course, said business was affected by the mud and debris that slid down the hillside onto the course.
   "People wanted to play eighteen holes, and wanted to know why they couldn't", said Richards, whose father, Dave Richards, owns the course.