Northwest NEWS

September 4, 2000



George and Fern Strieck celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary on Sept.3. Mr.and Mrs. Strieck, who are 94 and 92 years old respectively, can recollect most of this century's major events and accomplishments. They were married on Sept.3, 1926 in Outlook, Washington where the couple met.
   George was the son of a cabinetmaker and his wife, with a family of nine children. Growing up in Aloha, Oregon, George remembers his teacher teaching him the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer. He remembers the sinking of the Titanic, the day Prohibition started in 1916, and the Great Depression. Fern was eighteen at the time she married George. She was one of seven children; all boys except her, including her twin bother.
   " I was always proud of the fact we never had to ask for any public assistance. We always made our own living," said George about the Great Depression. " The stores back then had your staples, food, and feed all in one, and I remember in the upstairs room of our local store they had a party to use up all the liqueur when prohibition started," George remembered.
   The couple moved to Seattle in 1940. George and Fern went to Beauty School together. They had a beauty/barber shop in Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill in 1948. George worked at Boeing during the war, but went back to the barber/beauty business with Fern. Then after 1948, the couple sold their business, and George went back to work at Boeing where he retired June 1, 1970. Fern worked at beauty salons through the years.
   The couple had two sons.
   "We had the best two boys you could ask for," said George and Fern. The couple enjoys their boys, their daughter-in-law, and their seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
   "We are here by the grace of God," said Fern when asked about their longevity. Clean living and exercise help the couple stay in shape. Fern goes twice a week to aerobics, and George plays billiards and inside horseshoes.
   "We live life day-to-day. The older you get the faster everything goes," said George. What is the couple's secret for a long marriage?
   "I have always loved my wife," said George.