Northwest NEWS

September 4, 2000


Woodinville businessman robbed with Taser gun

WOODINVILLE -- The owner of Woodinville Auto Auction was robbed and shot with a Taser gun on Saturday, August 26.
   Scott Mercer was in the parking lot of Top Foods on his way to make a deposit inside the store at Cascade Bank, when a man wearing black pants, a white sweater and a black wig shot him in the back with a Taser gun.
   The suspect ripped the bag out of Mercer's hand and ran northbound through the store parking lot. Mercer got up and made chase but the suspect disappeared South of SR-522.
   "I felt myself go down, and then I was incoherent for a minute," said Mercer who is recovering.
   A Taser gun fires an electrically charged probe that drops its victim to the ground, momentarily unable to move.
   Mercer was taken to Evergreen Hospital to have the Taser darts surgically removed from his back.
   Police are looking for the suspect who was thought to have snatched up to $40,000 from Mercer, who was depositing money from a busy day.