Northwest NEWS

September 4, 2000

Front Page

Fire District 45 to ask for $4.2 million to build new stations

by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL -- Fire District 45 will be placing a $4.2 million bond issue on the November ballot that would allow the district to build a new downtown fire hall and replace two outlying area fire stations with one in a more functional location.
   If passed, the measure would cost property owners approximately 33 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.
   Fire Chief John Lambert said the downtown building is seismically unstable.
   "It's probably not capable of withstanding a sizeable seismic event," Lambert said. "Consultants have told us it may not hold together in an earthquake."
   Lambert said the station on Stella Street was built 45 years ago.
   "The foundation is settling, the building is not bolted to the foundation and there is no rebar in the concrete," he said.
   The district has four separate facilities, but only the downtown station is presently staffed due to a shortage of volunteers. The others are located on Big Rock Road, Lake Marcel and on Mountain View Road.
   The plan is to replace the Lake Marcel and Mountain View stations with one located between Lake Margaret and Lake Marcel. The unused property would then be sold, Lambert said.
   The Big Rock Road training station was built with a $1.4 million bond that is expiring the end of this year, he said.
   That bond also purchased three engines, a rescue truck and a car and paid to remodel the main station. The training station also houses some equipment and is used as a backup facility, due to its proximity to town.
   Lambert said the proposed outlying station is planned for somewhere on Kelly Road, but property has not been purchased yet.
   "We would staff the new station, which would give us improved response time to all areas," he said.
   Lambert said construction time on a new downtown station is expected to take eight to nine months.
   "Just enough time to be a nuisance," he said.
   The district currently employs eight full-time paid firefighters who provide 24-hour coverage.
   "We will be actively recruiting volunteers this fall," he said.