Northwest NEWS

September 11, 2000


1st District

State Senator


Rosemary McAuliffe (D) incumbent
   As your State senator over the past 8 years, I have fought to address the issues important to you: quality schools, clean air and water, a strong economic climate, affordable housing, transportation, and accessible and affordable health care. I have the leadership we need to bring people together to solve problems we face today.
   I am committed to representing the people and the issues important to them.
   email: mcauliffe1@
   web site:


Leo Van Hollebeke(R)
   Residents of the 1st District need the opportunity to support a Senator who shares their views on the issues. I will be open to supporting proven innovations in education. Instead of supporting property tax increases, I will support lowering the state portion of property taxes. I will also work to ensure that funding is available to take the steps needed to reduce traffic congestion.


State Representative Position 1:
   Al O'Brien (D)
   Our young people must get a high quality education that will prepare them to be competitive in the new economy. Second, our transportation system must be greatly improved. The health of our economy depends on a good transportation system. We must find a permanent funding source during the next legislative session to fix the system, especially in the Puget Sound region and along the I-5 corridor.
   A third important issue concerns Health Care. We must make health care accessible and affordable to more people. And we must greatly improve the long-term care system that serves senior citizens and persons with disabilities.


Eric Marrs (R)
   I believe we can do better in state government. We must strive for excellence in education, while maintaining parental and local control.
   We need to relieve traffic congestion by expanding our roads. My hotel management experience will enable me to be an effective ombudsman for First District web:

State Representative Position 2 *

Jeanne A. Edwards (D) incumbent
   As a member of the Local Government Committee I will work hard on the restructuring of the Shoreline Management Act and actions to save salmon. Beyond the three committees I serve on, I am interested in the 'kitchen table' issues of all families: bettering our public schools, economic development in the parts of the state that are not enjoying the boom we have seen; bettering our job market and the protection of families, especially children, in times of trouble. I am interested to hear from my constituents about the issue of charter schools and vouchers.


Andy Vanderhoff (R)
   Today's traffic congestion is threatening not only our quality of life, but our state's economy. Andy believes leadership and answers to our transportation challenges are needed today, not tomorrow. He also believes that every child in our state deserves an opportunity to learn the basic academic skills needed to succeed in life.
   He understands that accountability by teachers, students and parents is necessary to achieve that goal.He supports adequate funding for police and fire protection services because keeping our families and neighborhoods safe is one of the most basic functions of