Northwest NEWS

September 11, 2000


45th District

State Representative Position * Kathy Lambert (R) incumbent
   Listening to citizens and helping them deal with government agencies and regulations is an important part of my job. With my background as a public school teacher, a parent and a taxpayer, I bring a balanced perspective to the education debates. I have worked on the Better Schools Fund which allows districts to reduce class size and to see that teachers get adequate supply money to better meet the needs of their students. I will be working for transportation solutions and also work to restore more health care choices so that consumers have more options for coverage and affordability. In addition, I will work for property tax relief.
   We cannot have families being taxed out of their

   Janice Linville (R)
   The greatest challenges of the next ten years are education, health care, the environment and transportation. I am running because my nursing background and my considerable experience in schools gives me a hands-on perspective with these issues in the Legislature.
   I have been a member of the Lake Washington School Board for five years, and the Resolutions Committee chair of the Washington State School Directors Association. I am currently retired from nursing to devote my full time and attention to education jclinville@altavista.comweb site:

* David F. Goetsch (D)
   (no response from candidate)

* Jim Gordon (D)
   (no response from candidate)

State Representative Position

* Laura Ruderman (D) incumbent
   Listening to my constituents is the most important aspect of my job. They know what needs to be done in order to protect and improve our state.
   I am proud that most of the legislation I introduced last session came from constituent requests.
   I will continue to listen and work for issues which are important to my constituents, including property taxes, privacy, and health care.web site:

* Toby Nixon (R)
   I want to restore and preserve our choices‹in transportation, in education, in how we spend our own hard-earned money, and in health care and how we pay for it.
   We've neglected our roads for too long. I'll fight for critical improvements to get us moving again. I want my five children and those of everyone in Washington to receive a high-quality education; I'll vote more money for classrooms, less bureaucrats.
   And I'll reduce taxes, starting with the state property tax, so people can afford to stay in their web site: