Northwest NEWS

September 11, 2000


Letters to the Editors

Fire Dept. volunteers in Duvall are appreciated
   Friends and neighbors of the Duvall area, I just wanted, nay, needed, to let you know about a group of guys who have been serving our area for many years.
   They turn out at all hours, any time there is an emergency call for help. They train long hours, maintain and keep the vehicles clean. Much more than that, they save lives, property and look out for our safety.
   The volunteers of Duvall District 45 Fire Department will probably feel embarrassed that I am even writing this letter.
   The reason for it is to say thanks for all they do, especially Ted Ritter and Brent Nordlinder, two guys who have recently hung their boots up for the last time as volunteers. You cannot count the hours these two have put into the Dept., hours taken away from their families.
   I count it as a privilege to have served with them. They may not hang Christmas lights, or be nominated citizens of the year, or partake in Sandblast, but when your chest hurts, or your family member needs cutting out of a car wreck, they are there doing what needs to be done, then drifting back into anonymity.
   Thanks Ted and Brent,
   I love you like my brothers,
   Chaplain Martin Redman, Duvall