Northwest NEWS

September 11, 2000


A double yellow line can not be crossed

A writer in August 28 issue, states that drivers should "SLOW DOWN AND MOVE LEFT FOR SAFETY."
   While advocating that there are times when a driver would have to slow down for a period of time to allow for safely moving left, the writer does not take into account that there are roads where slowing down means that one must travel the entire length of the road behind a horse, pedestrian or bicycle as the entire road has a double yellow line.
   It is illegal to move to the left over a double yellow line. It is also illegal to hold up five or more vehicles. You must pull off to allow those vehicles to proceed unimpeded.
   I am a cyclist, so I thoroughly understand trying to share the road with cars, but I try to stay off of roads where it would be a danger to both the motorized vehicle and to myself on the bicycle.
   Sheila Hooper, via e-mail