Northwest NEWS

September 11, 2000


Open Letter to United Way

So you have decided to cut funding to Boy Scouts of America because of their gay policy. Please be advised that I have decided to cut your funding.
   I am giving 100 percent of my former donation to your organization directly to the Boy Scouts. I encourage all those who believe in and support scouting to do the same.
   With all the problems our youth face today such as drugs, gangs, broken homes, and a host of other problems they need positive moral organizations to help them make it to adulthood.
   We need scouting today more than ever. To hurt this program and the kids that depend on it over such an issue as gay members shows how little your organization really cares about kids.
   The Boy Scouts are a private organization and have the right to determine who meets their qualifications for membership. They have the right to expect their members to share their ideals and goals. I assume now the politically correct crowd will also support other people wishing to join organizations whose views conflict with theirs.
   Gerod James Wattier, Carnation